Path Repair and Shrub Planting At Dunwear Ponds 18/02/2024

Saturday saw the Dunwear management team begin the repair of the path that leads to the Baliffs sheds and the swims of Marshy and Coombesy on senior pond. Owing to the fact that this path has been flooded in the past because of the drainage ditch on the Railway Pond being blocked (now cleared thanks to the Dunwear team) and also the fact that the path has to endure constant use, it has unfortunately turned in to some thing of a quagmire. So Saturday saw the team apply the first lot of stone and hard core to make the path more usable.

The team also done a bit of cosmetic work by the planting of shrubs around North pond to cover over the barren patches which was created by the necessary maintance work that was needed on the pond.