14. The River Brue

Brief description of fishery:

The River Brue has a well-documented history right back to neolithic times although I am sure they would recognise the river today. 

The River Brue originates in hills to the southwest of the catchment area, close to the border with Dorset. The same hills are the locale of the sources of the River Wylye and the Dorset Stour which flow south to the English Channel. It passes Glastonbury, where it acts as a natural boundary with nearby village of Street, before flowing in a largely artificial channel across the Somerset Levels and into the River Parrett at Burnham-on-Sea. 

The river is joined by the North Drain, Cripps River which is an artificial channel that connects it to the River Huntspill and many other drainage Rhyne’s. It also connects to the River Axe through several of these channels which are controlled by sluices. The river becomes tidal below the sluices at New Clyce Bridge in Highbridge. 

Being a wonderful mature river, the fishing feels wild. 

Bridgwater Angling Association has rights to fish several sections of the river Both in the lower areas.  

1st Section – This is a tidal section that gives its self to some good trotting and stage of the tide or ‘long rod’ waggler where the bankside vegetation allows. 

Plenty of Chub and Roach along this section with a reasonable number of pike to chase. 

2nd Section – This section is split above and below the bridge/ Gate.  

Below: Bridge/ Gate is a faster section that again is good for trotting with good bags of smaller fish with the odd surprise. 

Above: during the Summer this is a deep slow moving stretch, light ledger and waggler work well and pole over Worm can be very productive. In the Autumn months Hemp, Tare and caster can get the fish going. With the depth of the river there is no need for distance and it can be fun fishing the whip for bags of Roach and Chublets. There are some good Bream in this section and the odd nomadic Carp do show up.  

This section in Summer with clear water and bright sky can become a challenge. Use an evening to find the fish and make an early start to keep those nets wet.  

In more recent time the Perch have made come back this being a wild intimate river makes it ideal for a light lure rod or roving with worms. Several fish over the 3lb mark are there for the persistent angler.


1st Section – A38 in Highbridge, fishing from Town Bridge, Bridgwater (south bank) to new cycle bridge.

2nd Section – A38 to East Huntspill, right at the school, signposted Secret World, over railway and motorway bridge. Turn 1st left into Catherine Street (this is past Pear Tree Farm), then take 1st left and follow the road to Hackness Sluice. Bridgwater bank only. Both sides of bridge

Access & Parking

There is no dedicated Parking on this venue, please make sure you park responsibly.


  • Bream
  • Carp
  • Chub
  • Dace
  • Eel
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Rudd