6. South Drain

Brief description of fishery:

Constructed between 1802 and 1806 as part of the works associated with the Brue Drainage Act of 1801. The outflow was via the Brue at Cripps Bridge. The drain proved to be ineffective due to the water levels in the Brue being at a higher level when the river was in spate, consequently despite all the work the moors were still flooded and this remained the case for the next 140 years. 

It was not until the construction of the Huntspill River in the 1940’s, which provided the drain with a direct outlet to the sea, that the drain became effective and was able to do the work of its original design and almost entirely eliminate the flooding in the southern part of the Brue valley. 

When the levels are high in the Brue the water is Pumped through to the Huntspill which can act as a reservoir until tide state allows water out to the Estuary.   

The Drain passes beneath Shapwick Road Bridge and the old Somerset and Dorset Railway Bridge to Catcott Bridge. Its journey then continues to Edgington Bridge, Chilton Moor Bridge and West Bridge before reaching Gold Corner where the pumping station moves the water into Huntspill River. (See the SLAC map for details). 

The approximate length of the South Drain is 9.4 miles. 

This Drain has accessible banks for a large proportion of its length making it very good for a mobile approach to predator fishing.  

In the Summer the Drain can become quite weedy although it is an area priority for weed cutting under the Drainage Management Plan.  

Slow moving with a good central channel depth makes fishing similar to a still water. There is a good head of Roach and smaller fish along the entire length. Good bags of Roach, Skimmer Bream can be had. There are several large Bream shoals but they are hard to find on such a long Drain. Some early morning or late evening visits to the bridges can help in their location.  

Autumn the Drain can be fantastic for its Hemp and Tare Roach fishing, be persistent and keep that feed going 20lb Plus catches are not difficult to achieve.   

In Winter this water is fished by local Predator anglers with the bait fish present there is a good head of pike. Roving matches are occasionally booked for this venue so keep an eye out. 


Water available from above Bridge at Edington Station to above bridge at Ashcott Station on one bank only, as signposted.

Access & Parking

Access at any bridge along this stretch.
There is no dedicated Parking on this venue, please make sure you park responsibly.


  • Eel
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Tench