7. North Drain

Brief description of fishery:

This Drain was part of the first attempts to drain the moors in this locality in 1774. An Act was obtained to drain Tadham Moor via the construction of a Rhyne due to run parallel with the River Brue. At a later date it was extended to include both Westhay and Godney Moors.  

In 1801 the Brue Drainage Act drove the construction of Hurn Sluice this was constructed and at the western end of the Drain connecting to the River Brue and then named the North Drain. As with the South Drain it was never really worked in its Gravitational form, the moors still flooded when the River Brue was in spate. The water in the River Brue being too high causing a flow back into the moors.  

It was not until 1959, with the construction of the North Drain Pumping Station, that the problems associated with the gravitational drainage were solved. 

The North Drain flows westerly for a distance of approximately 6.5 miles from Hurn Sluice on the River Sheppey to the North Drain Pumping Station at the confluence with the River Brue. It passes through Westhay Moor, Aller Moor, Tadham Moor and Tealham Moor and is crossed by several Droves. These can all be used as access points to the river but not all are appropriate for vehicles. 

  • North Drain / Brue Pumping Station 
  • Totney Drove Bridge 
  • Jacks Drove Bridge 
  • Sand Drove Bridge 
  • Blakeway Bridge
  • Parson’s Drove Bridge  
  • London Drove Bridge 
  • Oak’s Drove Bridge 
  • Lewis Drove Bridge 
  • Tilley’s Drove Bridge 
  • Yeaps Drove Bridge 
  • Plus several other small droves.

The North Drain is shallower than most in the area and not a high priority for weed cutting with the environment agency.  

With a little work raking a swim this drain can produce some great catches of Tench and Bream. Due to its size this venue suits a pole but be ready for those Tench heading at top speed for the weed beds.  

This venue is not heavily fished and can throw up surprises for several species. If you like wild natural fishing this is a peaceful venue with unknown fish.   


Water available from its junction with the River Brue upstream to beyond the bridge on the Wedmore to Westhay road.

Access & Parking

Access at any bridge along this stretch.
There is no dedicated Parking on this venue, please make sure you park responsibly.


  • Bream
  • Chub
  • Dace
  • Eel
  • Perch
  • Pike
  • Roach
  • Rudd