Second Day of Durleigh Festival at Dunwear. 30/08/09

It was the second day of the Durleigh feastival and owing to the number of anglers taking part section D was held on Senior pond at Dunwear. For people who know Dunwear the pegging was as follows.

peg 1 was Marshy, 2 Coombsy, 3 Mcreedys, 4 Riviera, 5 Helicopter, 6 Killer, 7 Slopey, 9 Point, 10 gate.

Position Angler Weight peg
1st B Hunt 13k 275g 9
2nd Gappy 11k 950g 3
3rd A Palmer 11k 850g 2
4th M Yardley 11k 700g 6
5th F Holding 10k 025g 5
6th R Kimberley 9k 675g 1
7th M Snudden 7k 725g 7
8th R Fogg 6k 225g 4
9th P Werakso 5k 400g 10